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Are You a Blurter?

July 29th, 2009

Communicate with more clarity and authority. I have a friend who is a self-described “blurter.” “I’m like a gumball machine — whatever pops in my head comes out of my mouth,” she says. I have several clients who share a similar affliction, and to be honest I have been known to blurt too at times.

I am working to stop, pause, and think before I speak out. When I am acting as if everything is a 9-1-1, I am more likely to speak without thinking. When I feel the adrenaline pumping, I try to remember to take the pause that refreshes.

I stop, take a good cleansing breath, feel my feet on the floor, and hear the sounds around me. This pause helps me become present and grounded, and I am less likely to blurt out.

Alcoholics Anonymous has some wonderful sayings. One of my favorites is: Think before you speak.

T = Thoughtful
H = Honest
I = Intelligent
N = Necessary
K = Kind

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AHA! Moment

July 26th, 2009

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten On Selling One of the best salesmen I know once gave me some advice on selling I’ve never forgotten: “Think of ‘no’ as a question.”

Try it the next time you’re selling an idea, product, or yourself, and you’ll improve your chances of making the sale.

Do you have a AHA! moment you’d like to share?

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Are You Friend or Friendlie?

July 22nd, 2009

Earn friendships, build connection, and enrich your life. Friend or “friendlie?” Marketing guru Seth Godin says friends are those people who we have a real relationships, while “friendlies” are those we share a digital link but no real connection.

I heard a story the other day that made me laugh. A man who is active in a social network was in a chat room with his favorite online community when his spouse walked
in, looked over his shoulder, and teased, “You’re must be talking to your imaginary friends again.”

While imaginary friends are okay (I had one growing up named “Johnny Angel.”), they aren’t the same as real friends. At this point in my life, I want connection. I want friends.

Do you consider yourself my friend or friendly? If I am a friendlie, how can I earn your friendship? Contact me. I want to know.

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AHA! Moment

July 20th, 2009

An AHA! Moment: A flash of insight that must be shared. Deep within us is a sweet longing. We long to be more strongly connected with our true self, others, and our higher power.

Do you have an AHA! moment you’d like to share?

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