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How to Have a Magnetic Personality

December 2nd, 2011

How to become more attractive. Albert Einstein proved through physics what the sages had taught for centuries: everything in our world is composed of energy, and everything radiates energy.

Scientists now know that our heart creates the body’s strongest, electromagnetic field and that with deep feelings of love, compassion, and caring this field actually expands and strengthens.

The heart is the most powerful energy center in the body and tends to bring all others into entrainment with it. When you focus on feelings of love and gratitude you raise your energy level and literally become more attractive to others.

It was said that when Mother Teresa walked into the room, you could feel the energy in the room rise. Likewise, have you ever walked into a room and you could literally feel the tension? How did it make you feel?

Take a minute and picture someone who you love. Go ahead…

You’ve positively shifted your energy field. Your relationships with other people are shaped by the interactions of energies.

Raise your energy level, and you’ll raise your power to attract and interact with others.

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