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Infuse Meaning Into Your Work

October 28th, 2009

What’s your attitude toward work? Jungian analyst and author Robert Johnson shares a memorable story in his book Living Your Unlived Life: Coping with Unrealized Dreams and Fulfilling Your Purpose in the Second Half of Life. The story is set in medieval times.

A man sees a laborer pushing a wheelbarrow and asks him what he is doing. The laborer replies, “Can’t you see, I’m pushing a wheelbarrow.” Later the man sees another laborer pushing a wheelbarrow, and he asks him the same question. “I’m doing the work of God; I’m building Chartres Cathedral,” the second laborer replies.

Same activities, but totally different interpretations. The second laborer infused his work with meaning, connecting to a greater purpose.

I ask myself, “Do I want to give workshops and coach executives, or do I want to help professionals stand in their power by becoming the full expression of all they are?” The answer’s a no-brainer.  The second approach carries much more juice.

So tell me. What do you do?

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