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Success Doesn’t Mean Suffering

April 25th, 2010

I was taught suffering equal success. You have to work hard in life to make anything happen. Sometimes you do, but I am learning often you don’t. Sometimes good things just happen and require very little effort.

The hit book The Secret, and movie of the same title, popularized the notion of manifesting. “Go through the drive-in, shout into the clown’s face, drive up, and pick up your order,” it seemed to say. In my experience, manifesting isn’t that pat. I wish I had “the secret” for it, but I don’t.

I do know people, places, things, circumstances, and events seem to line up for me when I am operating from joy, or as Walter Russell said, doing what I love to do.

When my primary motivation is connection and contribution, I am operating for the highest good for myself and others. The result may not be that originally I envisioned, but it’s almost always a positive one.

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One Response to “Success Doesn’t Mean Suffering”

  1. Dear Randy

    i love reading your blogs. I agree… operating from joy is paramount to being able to sustain success… without it things go flat . I am recommitting myself to joy and that includes riding the wave of fear that may arise when challenges look out of control… and that riding the wave inevitably lands back on the shore of opportunity. thank you so much for your joy and commitment to life!
    love, Caroline

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