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The Power of Creative Expression

September 1st, 2013

Paint, write, dance, sing, or garden; let your life become the full expression of all you are.

I’ve been painting for years, I love writing, and nothing gets my creative juices flowing more than brainstorming and program development.

Asheville-based Jungian psychologist and author Bud Harris says life is composed of being, doing, and creating. Yet our culture values productivity, or doing, above all else.

I am finding that “doing” (my strongest suit) becomes empty when not supported by “being” and “creating.” Driving to my studio to paint during the week, I fight feelings of not being productive, or goofing off. Yet I know that this time is as important as any I spend during my work, for it is when I paint that I ground myself.

I once worked with a young CEO who was struggling to find more meaning in his work. As we talked, it became apparent that he was neglecting a very important aspect of his whole being, his Creative Self. I asked him if he had a creative outlet in his life and he replied that he used to draw but no longer had time for it. He was either working during the week or spending time with his wife and two young boys on the weekends.

I asked if he might set aside some time during the weekends to draw with his sons. He could learn much about pure creativity from them, and they could learn the importance of caring for their creative selves from him. The young CEO took my advice. “I am having the time of my life, Randy,” he later reported.


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