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What Lessons Did You Learn?

December 30th, 2009

A review of 2009. “Every situation you face will transform you if you allow it; life is classroom.” This statement is Tenet Two of my revised “life manifesto.” A life manifesto is a list of four to five principles that summarize how you intend to live your life. I wrote my first one when my brother Chip died in 2004. Several weeks ago, I revised it while in New York.

Recently, I asked myself if I was truly living each principle. It was then that I came up with the idea of reviewing this past year and listing all the lessons I have learned or am learning. 2009 was a challenging year for many of us; it was also a year ripe for learning.

Within twenty minutes I had documented fifty lessons. They included:

Brought more being to my doing.

Got more into my body through yoga, Pilates, and dance.

Claimed the role of “artist.”

Defined my personal theology.

Before you close 2009 out, why not take a few minutes and list the lessons you learned and are learning? Try it. This simple exercise may put a whole new spin on this past year. It did for me.

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