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Twelve Truths of High Voltage Communications™




Listen to yourself. The mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical self is an excellent barometer if you are being authentic.



Seek or create an environment in which your personhood can thrive. Find work that reflects who you are and what you stand for. Find work that meets most of your needs, and get what ever else you need from community work or play.



Don't be so hard on yourself. We learn far more from our mistakes than from our successes. Don't take yourself so seriously. Laugh at yourself. Admit your mistakes.



Find support. Engage a coach, therapist, mentor, physical trainer, spiritual guide, or all the above. Standing in your personhood can sometimes be lonely. Find some company and support.




Know what you stand for. Develop a vision, mission, purpose, and/or philosophy.



Find your passion and you will find your power. Real power does not come from outside sources, it comes from within.



Take time to listen to your soul's whisperings. Go on retreat by yourself and for yourself. Your best ideas will come to you then.




Brand yourself. Be known for something that makes you unique.



Let people see you for who you are. The more aware of your authentic self you are, and the more willing you are to share that knowledge, the more successful you will be not only as a businessperson but as a human being.



Shine light on your shadows. When you react strongly to something or someone chances are that you have encountered your shadow. Ask what underdeveloped part of yourself the situation or person represents; then own it. Remember, we are all made of shadows and light.




Identify role models, but foster your own communications style.



Examine your intentions before beginning any communication. Always, seek the higher ground. Noble intentions result in noble communications.

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