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The Process Randy Siegel's Proprietary Process
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"This work is amazing. I followed your advice and the results and sense of power are incredible."
                 42-Year-Old, Chief Executive Officer,
                 Family Business

This proven proprietary process fuses psychology, sociology, and solid business principles into a memorable four-pronged model based on four "Ps": personhood, purpose, persona, and presence.

Many psychologists use the term personhood to describe true or authentic self. Grounded in self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-disclosure, personhood calls us to live a life that reflects our core values, needs, and wants. Purpose describes that part of us that wants to be of service to the world. It's our personal purpose or mission, and it transforms careers into callings, ignites passion, and empowers the way in which we work. Persona describes the public face we put on for the world. In business, persona can be broken down into three units: a unique selling proposition, personal brand, and positioning statement. Finally, presence is the way we carry ourselves and listen to others. Our presence determines in large part our ability to convey likeability, credibility, and authority—three primary attributes of powerful communicators.

Process graph

What makes this process totally unique—and effective—is that it calls us as businesspeople to be introspective and self-aware. It calls us to invest in our own lives and careers by taking the time to determine what really matters to us. And while this process may bring income and prestige, more importantly it frees us to become more fulfilled and happy with our careers and our lives.


Going Deeper

Over the last ten years I’ve trained more than two thousand men and women to become stronger communicators and visionary leaders. Some have elected to take this work deeper.

There are four levels to this work:

Level One: Personhood
Level Two: Personhood
Level Three: Personhood
Level Four: Personhood

This chart illustrates a simple but powerful truth: The more grounded we are in personhood—or true self—the less dependent we are on purpose, persona, and presence. When grounded in personhood, our internal GPS system takes over helping us to fulfill our unique purpose, present our best self, and communicate in ways that forge stronger connections. 

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