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Bringing life to your career and your career to life.  Together, we’ll develop a customized curriculum targeted to your specific needs.

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Randy Siegel coaches on communications skills

Me, Inc.
Visionary Leadership
PowerHouse Presenting Executive Intensive

Me, Inc.

Regardless of where you work, you are the CEO of Me, Inc. Your success or failure ultimately depends on your ability to communicate and to package, present, and promote yourself.

Like all CEOs, you must ask yourself:

  1. How effective are my communications skills?
  2. Am I representing my organization in the best way possible?
  3. Am I fully using my strengths to reach the organization's goals?
  4. How happy and fulfilled am I with my work?

Through a series of exercises, you'll complete a personal Best Self Blueprint that includes:

  • Positioning Statement - How do you want to be seen by others? Used internally as a focusing device, a positioning statement summarizes how you would like to be perceived by others. Together, we'll find "the sweet spot," that place where others' perceptions of you, your perceptions of yourself, and your ideal image intersect.
  • Unique Selling or Value Proposition - What differentiates you from your competition?
  • Purpose/Mission Statement - What is your passion, and how can you harness that passion to better serve your clients and customers?
  • Communications Style - We'll identify your communications style and determine what works and what needs improvement. Jointly we'll develop a strategy to increase your personal likeability, credibility, and authority.

Explore a sample Best Self Blueprint.

As a result of this process, you'll be able to more successfully:

  • Sell your ideas, products, services, and self.
  • Retain and grow existing clients; attract new clients.
  • Make rain and close sales.
  • Motivate and lead workers.
  • Build consensus and encourage teamwork.
  • Facilitate problem solving.
  • Build stronger relationships with key constituents.

The Asheville, N.C. intensive includes:

  1. Intake session to set goals and design customized curriculum
  2. Two half-day sessions
  3. Two scheduled telephone follow-ups
  4. Lunch the first day
  5. Randy Siegel's Workbook: Engineer Your Career
  6. Monthly eNewsletter

Phone coaching includes:

  1. Intake session to set goals and design customized curriculum
  2. Four 50-minute telephone consultations over a six-week period
  3. Two check-ins over an additional two-week period
  4. Randy Siegel's Workbook: Engineer Your Career
  5. Monthly eNewsletter

Ongoing Coaching: For some clients, four sessions followed by two follow-up check-ins doesn't feel sufficient to make lasting change. These folks want to delve deeper. If you’d like to explore taking a deeper dive into this work, please contact me to discuss ongoing coaching. We can schedule weekly or bi-monthly sessions depending on your specific needs.

Visionary Leadership

"Leaders are made, not born."

Lee Iacocca
Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

CEOs, executive directors, and other top management retain Randy Siegel to help them become more charismatic spokespeople and visionary leaders for the organizations they serve.

Smart organizations retain Randy to help position new executives before they take on important leadership positions. First impressions often mark a leader's success or failure.

Simply having a vision doesn't make a visionary leader. A visionary leader must be able to:

  • Generate trust.
  • Cut through the clutter.
  • Not only motivate, but inspire people to greatness.

During coaching sessions, we'll cover seven common characteristics of visionary leaders:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Direction
  3. Passion
  4. Connection
  5. People-First Orientation
  6. Certainty, Confidence, Conviction
  7. Resiliency

Additionally, we'll define your

  • Core Values
  • Personal Mission Statement
  • Personal Leadership Style
  • Your Vision for Your Organization or Department
  • Positioning Statement

PowerHouse Presenting Executive Intensive

Clients report a 30 percent or more improvement in the way they present. For more information on the program.


  1. Intake session by phone to establish goals and design customized curriculum
  2. Four hours of one-on-one instruction and coaching
  3. Follow-up within one month
  4. The Book: PowerHouse Presenting
  5. Monthly eNewsletter

Randy Siegel also offers "POWER Hour" by telephone or in person where clients can address a single issue such as an upcoming speech or presentation, media interview, or employee issue. Some may elect to explore one of the four Ps in depth: personhood, purpose, persona, or presence.


  1. One one-hour consultation or two half-hour sessions over a two-week period
  2. One intake session to set goals or one follow-up telephone call or e-mail
  3. Randy Siegel's workbook: Engineer Your Career
  4. Worksheets, if needed
  5. Monthly eNewsletter

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Are You Ready for This Work?

The people who benefit most from this work are professional men and women who work for organizations and embrace professional and personal growth. Most have been identified as “stars” and are at a crossroads in their careers, including:

  • Being recently promoted to a “stretch position”
  • Wanting to realign their careers, and lives, with their true wants, needs, purpose, passion, and core values
  • Losing their job
  • Seeking a new job with more responsibility

Most are:

  • Self-aware
  • Ambitious and driven; ready to reach the next level in their careers and lives/li>
  • Self-motivated; hungry for new knowledge, skills, and insight
  • Altruistic; they want to make the world a better place
  • Seeking clarity, focus, and accountability

They work for organizations representing a wide spectrum of fields including business, professional services, education, religion, and the nonprofit sector.

I offer these men and women:

  • A priority process that facilitates self-discovery, which is essential for clarifying personal perspective, true purpose, and professional image
  • Encouragement, support, and guidance
  • A safe environment in which to do their work
  • The confidence, skills, and vision to take their lives to the next level

I expect my clients to be:

  • Committed to the process and willing to invest time, energy, and financial resources to doing the work
  • On time for all appointments (letting me know twenty-four hours in advance if they need to reschedule)
  • Responsible and pay monthly invoices within thirty days
  • A referral source and to encourage friends and associates to sign up for my free monthly eNewsletter
  • Sincere, honest, and self-revealing

Clients expect me to be:

  • Fully engaged in helping them reach their goals
  • Concerned not only with bettering their careers, but their lives too
  • Trustworthy; able to hold confidences
  • Self-revealing; willing to share my own story and journey
  • A good steward of the investment they have placed in me; conscious of making the most of our time together (Sessions are packed with information and insight, and unlike most coaches, I meet with clients an average of only five times.) 

Are you ready for this work? If so, contact me