Build Your Leaders

Your Best Self Blueprint

Completed: Today's Date

Needs and Wants

  • Status, Recognition, and Appreciation
  • Creativity, Building, and Innovation
  • Task orientation, Completion, and Sense of accomplishment
  • Little conflict
  • Adventure
  • Health
  • Connection

Core Values

  • Self-Discovery
  • Creativity
  • Spirituality
  • Beauty
  • Relationships, Connection
  • Authenticity

Purpose/Mission Statement

"Helping people to stand in their power by becoming the full expression of all they are."


  • Trainer, Speaker, Coach
  • Writer
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Artist
  • Art Collector
  • Partner, Brother, Friend
  • Entrepreneur, Interpreneur, Builder
  • Salesman

Brand Summary

Empathetic Empowerment

Brand Promise

I see you; I believe in you.

Elevator Speech

I help organizations build dynamic leaders who make rain, close deals, motivate employees, and are more positive and productive at both work and home. I offer a proprietary process that facilitates self-discovery to clarify personal perspective, true purpose, and professional image.

This engaging process transforms high-potential employees into highly motivated and effective leaders who are committed to their organizations and careers. Additionally, it helps presidents and CEOs become more charismatic leaders, spokespeople, and ambassadors for the organizations they serve.

Just this week, I worked with a CEO who had been asked to make a presentation to a prestigious professional association that included several large, prospective clients. She was already considered a fine presenter, but she knew she could do better.

She learned how to forge stronger connections with key constituents by tapping into her purpose and passion. Her public relations officer reported it was her most powerful presentation to date, and she told me that she has never experienced such a sense of personal power.

Positioning Statement

Elegant but approachable, most people feel an instant connection with him. They sense that he is totally devoted to their, and his, personal and professional growth. By sharing his self and search, he encourages others to become the full expression of who they are.

Work Style If dial turned too high, could appear:
  1. Professional Distant
  2. Elegant (but approachable) Snobby
  3. Personal, Empathetic Too "New Agey"
  4. Linear Not open to new ideas
Communications Style If dial turned too high, could appear:
  1. Convicted Opinionated, Inflexible
  2. To the point, on point, directorial Insensitive, Impatient, Poor Listener
  3. Focused, Intense Exhausting, Overwhelming
  4. Energetic, Enthusiastic Not Grounded

Action Plan


Self-Awareness Supplements: Go on retreat twice this year.

Inner Critic Management: Talk to him as if he were a person.

Self-Disclosure Steps: Hang two of my paintings in my office.


Activities Alignment: Tutor at the Boy's and Girl's Clubs.


Brand consistencies: Dress more casually when appropriate and print personal-size stationery.

Brand Builders: Write and place two bylined articles.


Turning up the Dial: 1. Monitor balance between professional and personal, elegance and approachability. 2. Monitor balance between business, psychology, and spirituality. Meet people where they are.

Likeability, Credibility, Authority: Balance authority with approachability. Be more open to others' opinions and ideas.

Invisible Force: Be more conscious of eye contact and staying