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On-Site Training Programs

Build Your Leaders (Half or Full Day)
PowerHouse Presenting (Half or Full Day)
Communicating with Style (90 Minutes)
Package, Present, and Promote Your Best Self (90 minutes)
Team Building That Works (Half Day)

Build Your Leaders (Half or Full Day)

Life changing. The entire session was an "ah-ha" moment.

Me, Inc. Seminar Participant
Georgia Leadership Institute
University of Georgia

Professional and self-development training, such as Build Your Leaders, can create win-wins for today's employees and their employers. By providing professional development opportunities, companies give employees new skill sets that further their careers while strengthening their performance, commitment, and loyalty; ultimately, this reduces companies' turnover.

Through a series of exercises, participants complete a personal Best Self Blueprint that includes:

  • Positioning Statement - How do you want to be seen by others? Used internally as a focusing device, a positioning statement summarizes how you would like to be perceived by others. Together, we'll find "the sweet spot," that place where others' perceptions of you, your perceptions of yourself, and your ideal image intersect.
  • Unique Selling or Value Proposition - What differentiates you from your competition?
  • Purpose/Mission Statement - What is your passion, and how can you harness that passion to better serve your clients and customers?
  • Communications Style - We'll identify your communications style and determine what works and what needs improvement. Jointly we'll develop a strategy to increase your likeability, credibility, and authority.

Explore a sample Best Self Blueprint.

As a result of this process, participants report that they are able to more successfully:

  • Sell their ideas, products, services, and self.
  • Retain and grow existing clients; attract new clients.
  • Make rain and close sales.
  • Motivate and lead workers.
  • Build consensus and encourage teamwork.
  • Facilitate problem solving.
  • Build stronger relationships with key constituents.

Participants receive a copy of Randy Siegel's book Engineer Your Career: Building Your Best Self Blueprint.

Listen to Randy Siegel talk about Engineer Your Career. (MP3)

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PowerHouse Presenting (Half or Full Day)

On-Site Training Programs

"Give me one day and I will improve your communications skills by thirty percent," promises Randy Siegel.

Experts agree: strong interpersonal skills catapult careers. Few interpersonal skills are more important than our ability to present effectively. Randy shows participants how to engage almost any audience, structure presentations to ensure buy-in throughout, and increase comfort level while presenting. Participants also receive individual attention—personal evaluation, goal-setting, and coaching—in a fun and supportive learning environment.

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For information on Randy Siegel's book PowerHouse Presenting: Become the Communicator You Were Born to Be.

Communicating with Style (90 Minutes)

On-Site Training Programs

Managers who are aware of communications styles are more likely to succeed at their jobs than their peers, according to a study conducted by John Sosik, associate professor of management and organization at Penn State Great Valley Graduate School.

Since ancient times, man has attempted to categorize the different communications styles, but Carl Jung was the first to scientifically study them. Since then, others followed, and today we have dozen of models from which to choose. While most of these models are effective, most are hard to remember and use in everyday conversation.

In this seminar, you'll learn a powerful, easy-to-remember model that will support all facets of your career including managing, selling, fund-raising, team building, and building morale. You'll meet Samuel C. Sensor, Theodore Thinker, Ina Intuitor, and Felicia Feeler. You'll learn how to identify each at a glance and target your message for maximum impact. Most importantly, you'll learn how to "flex" your communications style to match another's and subsequently increase your power to motivate, influence, and persuade.

Listen to a podcast on Communicating with Style.

Package, Present, and Promote Your Best Self (90 minutes)

Regardless of the role you play, you are the face of the organization or department you serve. Are you packaging, presenting, and promoting your best self? In this highly interactive workshop, you’ll learn three tools for building a powerful persona: unique selling propositions, branding, and brand attributes. By developing strategies to sharpen and strengthen your professional image, you’ll help place your organization and department in their best light.

Team Building That Works (Half Day)

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Organizations are interested in team building for a good reason: team building leads to productivity and increases motivation. But have old ways of looking at team building gone the way of the eight-track tape because they cease to resonate with younger employees?

The generations following the baby boomers aren't particularly loyal to their organizations, showing a strong tendency toward segregation and individualism. Savvy trainers are replacing the term "team building" with "individual building," emphasizing communications, information sharing, and collaboration. Feeling part of the team is now perceived as a side benefit.

As a result, this module places emphasis on the individual instead of the team. Organizations receive the same benefits derived from team building exercises, with the added benefit of encouraging employee buy-in.

Finally this module focuses on the most critical aspect of team building-communications. During the first part of the day you'll learn a powerful, easy-to-remember model that will support all facets of your career, including management, sales, fund-raising, building morale, and building teams. You'll meet Samuel C. Sensor, Theodore Thinker, Ina Intuitor, and Felicia Feeler. You'll learn how to identify each at a glance and target your message for maximum impact. Most importantly, you'll learn how to "flex" your communications style to match with another's, building rapport.

Next, you'll explore how your communications style shifts on good and bad days, or when you are under stress. After sharing the findings with the group, you'll develop a detailed action plan with all the actions you would like to stop, start, or continue.

During the final part of the day, you'll draft a personal Communicating with Style Covenant, outlining what your team can expect from you and what you would like to gain from your team, including how they can support you with your action plan.