Build Your Leaders

Me, Inc.

"Life changing. The entire session was an "ah-ha" moment."

Me, Inc. Seminar Participant
Georgia Leadership Institute
University of Georgia


Regardless of where you work, you are the CEO of Me, Inc. Your success or failure ultimately depends on your ability to communicate and to package, present, and promote yourself.

Like all CEOs, you must ask yourself:

  1. How effective are my communications skills?
  2. Am I representing my organization in the best way possible?
  3. Am I fully using my strengths to reach the organization's goals?
  4. How happy and fulfilled am I with my work?

Through a series of exercises, you'll complete a personal Best Self Blueprint that includes:

  • Positioning Statement — How do you want to be seen by others? Used internally as a focusing device, a positioning statement summarizes how you would like to be perceived by others. Together, we'll find "the sweet spot," that place where others' perceptions of you, your perceptions of yourself, and your ideal image intersect.
  • Unique Selling or Value Proposition — What differentiates you from your competition?
  • Purpose/Mission Statement — What is your passion, and how can you harness that passion to better serve your clients and customers?
  • Communications Style — We'll identify your communications style and determine what works and what needs improvement. Jointly we'll develop a strategy to increase your personal likeability, credibility, and authority.

Explore a sample Best Self Blueprint.

As a result of this process, participants report that they are able to more successfully:

  • Sell their ideas, products, services, and self.
  • Retain and grow existing clients; attract new clients.
  • Make rain and close sales.
  • Motivate and lead workers.
  • Build consensus and encourage teamwork.
  • Facilitate problem solving.
  • Build stronger relationships with key constituents.


Today's workers don't expect to work for the same company for decades, and they don't want to. But they also don't want to change jobs every two to three years. Companies don't care for that scenario either. Their profits would plummet if they had to replace large portions of their workforce that often. One expert puts the cost of employee turnover at 150 percent of the employee's annual salary (200 to 250 percent for sales and management positions).

Professional and self-development training — such as Me, Inc. — can create win-wins for today's employees and their employers. By providing professional development opportunities, companies give employees new skill sets that further their careers while strengthening their performance, commitment, and loyalty; ultimately, this reduces companies' turnover.

"Employers can promote company loyalty by helping people grow out of their jobs — ideally, into new ones within the company," writes Joyce Gioia of the Herman Group, an employee retention consultancy based in Greensboro, N.C.

Who Will Benefit

This seminar is designed for all levels of employees, but it is especially effective for high-potential employees.

How They Will Benefit

The value of this training is extensive, but specific benefits for your business include improved employee retention, better management, more effective selling, and stronger interpersonal relationships.

Expected Outcomes for Participants

  1. Increased job satisfaction
  2. Increased self-esteem
  3. Enhanced communications and leadership skills

Listen to Randy Siegel's overview of Me, Inc. (MP3)