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Corporate Rock Star CoverHow to Become a Corporate Rock Star:
Six Tips to Top the Charts

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In my first eBook, you'll discover how to become a corporate rock star by following these six steps:

Land the perfect job, including:

  • How to Find Your Dream Job
  • How to Write Winning Cover Letters and Resumes
  • How to Interview and Impress

Fast-track your career, including:

  • How to Bulletproof Your Career
  • How to Manage Performance Reviews
  • How to Become a Great Communicator

Life Is A Musical CoverIf Life Is a Musical
Why Can't I Hear the Music?

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Free the music that is within you! Live a life that matters! Stand in your power and become the full expression of all you are! In this fun eBook you'll learn eight keys to living a life that matters:

  • Know what truly matters.
  • Follow an internal navigation system.
  • Discover purpose; find meaning in service.
  • Embrace duality.
  • Live in gratitude.
  • See life as a classroom.
  • Believe in the magic.
  • Love.
  • Take time for introspection.

Follow these eight keys and you'll join the dance that is life. You'll live authentically, find true happiness, and live a life that matters.

Stand In Your Power Cover

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Stand in Your Power after Job Loss

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Life as we have known it is changing. The plummeting stock market, falling housing prices, declining job security, rising national debt, corporate and political greed, environmental problems, war; the list drones on. It's enough to make even the strongest of us feel powerless. If you recently lost your job, no one knows better than you. Yet, despite sinister circumstances and hurricane-force winds of change, there is opportunity-an opportunity to stand in your power and become the full expression of all you are.

In this information-packed eBook, you'll learn:

  • How to harness the power of positive thinking in your job search and reclaim your power
  • The most effective strategies for finding work in today's down economy
  • The best ways to write winning cover letters and resumes
  • How to interview to impress
  • The questions you are most likely to be asked in an interview and those questions you should ask

Purchase now and begin standing tall in down times.

Stand In Your Power CoverThe Charismatic Communicator:
How to Communicate in the Flow

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You have the power within you to communicate in a way so powerful that you can motivate, influence, even inspire people. You have the power to communicate in the flow.

When you communicate in the flow, you are like the ancient alchemist who transforms base metal into gold. Magic transpires; you form almost spiritual connections and find yourself communicating in ways so insightful that you can surprise even yourself.

In this exciting eBook you learn about the three stages of communicating in the flow: translucent, transparent, and transcendent. As you master each, you'll gently grow into a more charismatic communicator connecting more with yourself, others, and your higher power.

Purchase now and become the charismatic communicator you were born to be.