Build Your Leaders

Postcard from Asheville

August 2012

In my book The Inspired Life, I write about the Universal UPS Truck. Its driver comes to our door with a package just for us. He gently knocks and when we don’t answer, he returns and knocks louder. Each day he returns, getting more and more aggressive, until one day he drives the truck through our front door.

There is a gentle knocking at my door, and I want to answer before the Universal UPS truck finds a more dramatic way to get my attention. Consequently, I am taking a sabbatical. During this time of renewal, education, and discernment, I will suspend taking on new clients, sending out my monthly eNewsletter, and posting on all social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

I invite you to stay in touch through my email address,  Know that while I may not be as visible as I’ve been, my thoughts are with you, and I’m continuing to hold space that we all stand in our power and become the full expression of all we are.