Build Your Leaders

Postcard from Asheville

October 2012

Most of us stay so busy that we neglect to take a view of our lives from 50,000 feet. Running on auto-pilot, we forget to ask if what we’re doing and the life we’re living reflect our authentic selves.

We all needtime off—even it’s just a weekend retreat—to review our work and lives. The past few months have been a time of discernment for me. During this time, I’ve learned that I don’t want to change what I do, only how I do it. I love my work, and from what clients tell me, I’m pretty good at it. My work is my mission, and it feeds my soul.

That said, I no longer want to define myself by my work.No longer do I want to answer the question “Who am I?” with what I do. Instead, I want work to be one of many ways that I express myself in the world. I want to have more fun.

I plan be more discerningabout theclients I take on. This work isn’t for everyone, and my style doesn’t work for every person. And when a client—whether an organization or individual—does decide to work with me, I want to do an even better job of customizing the curriculum to the organization or individual’s specific needs. For this reason, I’m now offering ongoing coaching throughout the year for those clients who want to go deeper.

I’ve loved my sabbatical,and I’m grateful for this new perspective. But I’ve missed working with clients, and I’m ready to get back to work

What about you? When was the last time you looked at your work and life? Perhaps you’ll find fall theperfect time to consider what needs to be pruned and what needs to be planted to ensure a glorious spring.