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Postcard from Asheville

February 2014

Randy Siegel on giving and receiving

I used to hate to face Valentine’s Day as a single man. Like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays, Valentine’s Day was another reminder that I was alone; there was no one special in my life.

Like many of you, I am a student of The Law of Attraction. Over the years, I’ve learned:

  • The whole world is comprised of energy, including us.
  • Energy, when understood at the subatomic level, is vibration. Everything is vibrating; even if it appears solid, it’s actually vibrating.
  • Even thoughts vibrate, and thoughts are propelled by emotions.
  • Energetic vibrations occur at varied frequencies, including the vibrations of our emotions. Joy, gratitude, and love are at higher frequencies; fear, worry, and anxiety are at lower levels.
  • We attract vibrations similar to our own.


The Law of Attraction responds to whatever vibration we are offering by giving us more of what we are vibrating. It doesn’t decide whether it’s good for us or not; it simply reacts to our vibrations. We attract what we feel. 

This means that in order to manifest what we are seeking in our lives, we must focus on emotions rather than specific outcomes. For example, if I want more clients, I ask myself what feeling I am truly after. In my case, it’s the feeling of connection. I love it when I genuinely connect with a client. And in a primary relationship? It’s love that I am after; I want to attract more love into my life.

A while back, I became a volunteer at our local hospice. Several summers before, my brother Chip died. Although he was in hospice less than twenty-four hours, I saw how hospice serves the dying and their families, providing a safe place to make life’s ultimate transition.

After my first shift of visiting patients and their families, the light bulb went off. There are many ways to bring love into my life, and I can attract by giving it rather than waiting to receive it.

How often in my life do I wait to receive when giving can be just as satisfying? Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I can focus on what I do. And when I do, I am reminded that I am one lucky man!

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