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Grow Personally and Professionally

The Enneagram is a guide to personality types based on the teachings of ancient Sufi masters. It can aid us in self-discovery, spiritual growth, and self-actualization. I like the Enneagram because it helps identify our personal "glass ceilings," or those self-limiting "boxes" we place ourselves in. Gaining a sense of how we unknowingly and automatically constrain ourselves allows us to shatter those glass ceilings and lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

There are several sites on which you can discover your Enneagram type. Below is my favorite. When taking the test, base your answers on who you really feel you are rather than who you would like to be. For some, it may be helpful to take the test thinking back to when you were twenty. It is also helpful to consider how you act when stressed.

If you don't feel the test pegs you, it may be helpful to read about each type and see which resonates with you.

Discover Your Enneagram Type.

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Manage the Recession
Also see Manage Your Career.

If you've recently lost your job, download this helpful tip sheet, Ten Tips for Getting Back on Your Feet After Job Loss. (PDF)

Are you concerned that you could be laid off? Here're some warning signs to look for.

Here's a link to several excellent articles on how to maintain/find work during the recession.

Here's a good video on finding work in the recession.

I really like this article from Fast Company entitled "What Should I Do With My Life?" Check it out.

Here’s a great article from Steve Pavlina on how to make money during a recession. It’s long but worth the time.

Job search websites to check out:

Other sites of interest include:

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Manage Your Career
Also check out Manage The Recession.

Having trouble identifying your unique selling proposition? Your unique selling proposition (USP) highlights the three skills, attributes, education, or experiences that distinguish you from others in your field. One of the best places to start when creating your USP is to identify your strengths. Here's an instrument I often recommend for clients.

Get honest feedback on your performance and strengths. Checkster's free Talent Checkup is an online system to request confidential feedback on your work performance from peers and colleagues.

Most managers don't know how their direct reports feel about their communications, supervisory, and leadership skills. The "How Am I Doing?" survey can provide invaluable information to help managers be the best they can be. (PDF)

Job hunting? Be sure to check out The Riley Guide. Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute, one of the best job-hunting books I know, says, "This is the best by far. If I could go to only one gateway job site on the Web, this would be it."

Networking is the most effective way to find a job, especially during economic downturns. Even the shyest of us can network. Here are some links to get you started.

Many organizations use recruiting firms to help them find and hire new employees. The best national resource for identifying recruiters is The Directory of Executive Recruiters. You can find a copy in most libraries, purchase your own copy, or use the Kennedy Information database. Tip: When working with a recruiter remember to read the small print to avoid paying a placement fee.

Identify and manifest your goals. Free worksheet on "dreamsmithing" your career. (PDF)

Are you looking for a new job? See what the experts say are the five best and five worst ways to find a job. (PDF)

To build your personal brand you must build your online identity. William Arruda, a leader in training personal-brand consultants, offers a free online Online ID Calculator™ to determine how powerful your personal brand is on the web.

Clothes may not make the businessperson, but clothes do create first impressions that can make or break careers. Are you dressing to impress? (PDF)

Not sure what career is right for you? Check out Profiler. For $18, this site uses the well-known Campbell Interests and Skills Survey to find occupations that could be a match for you.

Seeking to change careers? Check out this article.

Know what you're worth:

Network now (Join me on,, and (RandySiegel):

Get to know the recruiters in your industry:

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Become a Stronger Communicator

Marketing guru Seth Godin wrote a great blog on two elements all great presenters should remember.

Here’s a funny video on How Not to Use PowerPoint.

High Voltage Communicators™ understand that the power to influence, motivate, and inspire entails not simply exchanging information, but actively creating a connection between sender and receiver. See if you are a high voltage communicator. (PDF)

Gauge your and others' personal presentation style. (PDF)

Some executives are just too busy to write their own speeches. Do you speak from a script that someone else has written? If so, read Speaking from a Script. (PDF)

Some say that taking notes to the podium is a crutch, but I say if notes help you feel more comfortable and stay on track, use them…but use them correctly. Here's how. (PDF)

Here's an excellent article on how story telling positively impacts our ability to lead effectively.

Most of us think we are good listeners, but we are not. Some research shows that we listen at about 50 percent efficiency. One survey, conducted by the University of Minnesota, proved that 60 percent of all misunderstandings in business are due to poor listening. Like any skill, improvement starts with self-awareness. Evaluate your listening skills with this simple self-test. (PDF)

High Voltage Communicators™ are masters at communicating with style. They have the ability to meet someone new, identify his or her communications style, and then flex their style to match that of the other person. Meet the four communications styles. (PDF)

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